Elaine J. Anderson
ISBN: #978-0-595-46810-2

Feisty Rosa Arroya is a lead investigator for the New York Police Department. On "desk duty" after a gunshot wound to her leg leaves her temporarily in a wheelchair, Rosa resolves to forget about her troubled past. Yet Rosa cannot shake the memory of Jack Bucco, a hardened felon she was determined to bring down.

Rosa hides a secret, a torturous and hopeless love for a man from her past. However, a chance meeting on the streets of New York City with a stranger who seems oddly familiar raises her suspicions and sends her on the chase for her old lover once again. Chameleon is a thrilling saga filled with suspense, romance, and intrigue as the lives of Rosa Arroya and Jack Bucco careen dangerously down parallel paths, on opposite sides of the law. As Rosa becomes more fetermined to solve the top secret case named "Chameleon", the action gathers steam while she tracks her prey across New England and then to Europe.

In the end, Rosa must decide whether to follow the law or her love, as she struggles to capture the one man who has in turn captured her heart.