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Permanent Sunset

C. Michele Dorsey
Crooked Lane
 Former television personalty Sabrina Salter's new life in paradise was idyllic, sprinkled with new friendships, romance and a successful villa rental business, which just landed Villa Nirvana, the newest and most opulent villa in the Virgin Islands. But island life isn. . .
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A Lethal Journey

Elizabeth Penney
Annie's Fiction
A Lethal Journey is set on the Titanic. Screenwriter Aria Greco finds herself on the ill-fated boat while traveling with her actress friend, Daisy. A millionaire courting Daisy is murdered. Then the boat hits an iceberg...
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Dark Gonna Catch Me Here

Steve Liskow
Create Space
 Darkness creeps into the motor city...Detroit homicide detective Eleanor "Shoobie" Dube pursues a killer who leaves his victims in abandoned buildings throughout the city. When builders uncover a skeleton, Shoobie tentatively identifies the remains as Megan T. . .
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Whispers Beyond the Veil

Jessica Estevao
First in a dazzling new historical mystery series featuring Ruby Proulx, a psychic with a questionable past who suddenly finds her future most uncertain...Canada, 1898. The only life Ruby Proulx has ever known is that of a nomad, traveling across the country with her snake o. . .
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Death at the Paris Exposition

Frances McNamara
Allium Press of Chicago
 Emily Cabot Mysteries Book 6
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Clock and Dagger

Julianne Holmes
Berkley Prime Crime
Ruth has three days to pull off four events—including the grand reopening of Cog & Sprocket, the clock shop she inherited from her grandfather—so she doesn’t have time for Beckett Green’s nonsense. The competitive owner of a new bookstore, Green s. . .
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