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The Immaculate

Marian McMahon Stanley
Barking Rain Press
 An elderly, social activist nun is murdered in Boston on the grounds of a shuttered parachial school. Rosaria O'Reilly, a former student, is determined to find justice for her mentor. And she does, at great personal risk and after a perilous journey into the underside . . .
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The Nowhere Man

Steve Liskow
Create Space
 Family, can't live with them, can't kill them.Caitlin Devers dropped out of college to marry a wealthy widower twice her age. When he died, her two step-children--her own age--accused her of killing him for his millions. Now someone is stalking her stepdaughter Joan, a. . .
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Raisin the Dead

Karoline Barrett
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The Strangers' Tomb

Robin Hazard Ray
Maine Authors Publishing
A slave in South Carolina is stripped and photographed. A night watchman in Cambridge is assaulted. An extra corpse turns up in a tomb. How are they connected—and who’s next?
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Delivering the Truth

Edith Maxwell
Midnight Ink
For Quaker midwife Rose Carroll, life in Amesbury, Massachusetts, provides equal measures of joy and tribulation. She delights in attending to the needs of mothers and newborns even as she mourns the recent death of her sister. Likewise, Rose enjoys the giddy feelings that c. . .
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The Ninth Life

Clea Simon
Severn House
The past is an enigma to Blackie, the voice of Clea Simon’s dark new mystery. Combining elements of feline fantasy and classic whodunit, The Ninth Life introduces this unusual hero and his companion, Care: two small creatures in a nightmarish urban landscape, fighting for . . .
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