Elaine J. Anderson
ISBN: #978-0-595-40643-2

After authorities discover the theft of $500,000 worth of diamonds, New York private investigator Rosa Arroya is summoned to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to assist in the capture of diamond thief extraordinaire Jack "Gutsy" Bucco. She is ordered to work with Juan Perez of the International Police Special Crime Unit from Panama City who has tracked Bucco to the shores of San Juan.

Perez is surprised to learn that Arroya has been called in to work the case  with him. The competitive relationship between the two is obvious from the start as Perez does all he can to keep up with Arroya's ideas and plans. But true to his reputation as a master of disguise, Bucco repeatedly evades arrest, while Arroya plays her own game of deception with him. Not to be outdone, Perez poses as Bucco's contact to lure Bucco into a setup to purchase the stolen  diamonds. Both Perez and Arroya believe that they have the perfect plan for Bucco's capture - but the thief has a plan of his own.

A web of international intrigue prevails as Arroya entraps Bucco by disguising herself as the seductive heiress of a diamond family dynasty. But in the end, Arroya and Bucco struggle with their true feelings for each other in a surprising turn of events.