Gilt Trip: A Boston unCommons Mystery

Arlene Kay
ImaJinn Books
ISBN: #978-1611944679

 Eja Kane is a woman on a mission. The best-selling mystery author seeks the perfect wedding gift for her mega-rich fiancĂ©. When she wanders into Shaolin City, a renown Back Bay dojo, it is kismet. Joined by ally and partner-in-crime, Anika Swann, she embarks on an ambitious self-improvement campaign. Progress is brisk until Eja and Anika stumble over a corpse.

Phaedra Barnes had a chequered past that included commodities fraud and hanky-panky with every man in sight including Deming Swann’s clients. The dojo seethes with intrigue and buried secrets. Sexy sifu Justin Ming, Master Avery Moore, and one of Boston’s premier families join a long list of suspects with a grudge against the victim.
Deming aids Eja and his Mother in a frantic race to save his client while a clever killer watches from the sidelines. They soon find that all that glitters is definitely not gold.