Invisibility Formula, Code Name IF

Elaine J. Anderson
ISBN: #978-1-4502-7427-2

International Detective Rosa Arroya is back in this third installment of the thrilling Rosa Arroya Crime Novel Series. A NASA security employee is suspected of a serious in-house crime, and nobody wants to believe it could happen within the walls of the nation's space program. Suspicians escalate as a division secretary becomes a person of high interest, too. How could something like this happen?

The Rosa Arroya International Detectives are called in to investigate. In cases of this magnitude, two heads are better than one, so Rosa teams up with Barry "Bud" Black. Together, they discover that a secret invisibility formula has been stolen. Who would have suspected NASA to be infiltrated with spies, secret surveillance, and even traitors, who will stop at nothing to keep the IF in the hands of the wrong people?

Invisibility Formula:Code Name IF is a fast-paced mystery that will keep you guessing. Filled with intrigue and high-tech spy technology, this case won't be easy for Arroya and her crew. But with a little intuition and a lot of courage, Arroya and Black just might stumble on the guilty party and prevent a world of harm from being committed.