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Under the Eye of Kali

Susan Oleksiw
Worldwide Mystery
Paper, Worldwide (ISBN 978-0-373-26771-2) Trouble befalls two American tourists staying at the cozy seaside Hotel Delite in southern India. Helping her aunt Meena run the place, photographer and gallery owner Anita Ray is drawn into the mystery. The victims, both women, were. . .
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Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel: How t. . .

Hallie Ephron
Writers Digest Books
 This step-by-step guide takes you from coming up with ideas, through planning, and on through writing, revising and selling your mystery novel. The book is designed to be interactive, and is loaded with examples to be read and analyzed and exercises to be completed.Thi. . .
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Confidential Communications

J.R. Reardon
Rebecca Lawson, a young general-practice attorney in Vermont, expected to expand her practice when she was hired by Allan Richards to investigate a suspicious employee. Instead, she finds herself amidst national and international conspiracies, manipulations, and murder. With. . .
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