Shadows at the Fair: An Antique Print Mystery

Lea Wait
Pocket Books
   Recently widowed Maggie Summer is looking forward to spending a weekend exhibiting and selling her prints at the Rensselaer County Antiques Fair: catching up with old friends, and making new ones.   Security is tight. But not tight enough. Friday night. . .
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Gray Matter

Gary Braver
Rachel Whitman has everything. She’s young, attractive, and affluent. Her husband is the brilliant CEO of his own company. They have a big new house in a flossy Boston suburb. They have all the brand-name “toys” that go along with wealth. And they have a go. . .
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A Mob Story

Michele R. McPhee
St. Martin's Press
"A Mob Story" was so good notorious Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger had it on his bookshelf at the California hideout where he eluded the FBI for 16 years. The story of a South Beach nightclub king who had it all - a plethora of women; mon. . .
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Ring Out Wild Bells

Carole Shmurak
Smith and Kraus Publishers
A Young Adult mystery written as Carroll Thomas.   Ring Out Wild Bells is the third book in the Matty Trescott series. As the Civil War comes to an end, we follow Matty's cousin Neely to Mount Holyoke Seminary and Matty to medical school in Boston. There, the last. . .
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Leslie Wheeler
Larcom Press
When a living history museum turns deadly, armchair historian Miranda Lewis must transform herself into a woman of action.
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Gary Braver
When biologist Chris Bacon headed for the unspoiled rainforests of Papua New Guinea in search of medicinal plants, he had no idea he would bring home a rare flower rumored by a tribal shaman to prevent human aging. Driven by fountain-of-youth dreams, he plans to turn the flo. . .
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