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Elaine J. Anderson, Ph.D.

Author of four Rosa Arroya crime novels currently available from Amazon.com; major bookstores; or at http://nettisplace.com/nettisplacecom - Priority #1, Code Name, Marty;Invisibility Formula,Code Name IF; Chameleon; and, Dragonfly. Just released, The Lighthouse Murder.

Retired University Professor Emeritus of biology,2003, living in Provincetown, Massachusetts with her spouse and pets.

Elected Selectwoman, May 2009, for her first three-year term in Provincetown, MA., and re-elected for her second three-year term on May 3, 2011 - Past Board Chair, currently Vice Chair.Finished her 6 year tenure as Board Chair in May 2014 and was elected to a 5 year term on the Provincetown Housing Authority.


Invisibility Formula, Code Name IF - International Detective Rosa Arroya is back in this third installment of the thrilling Rosa Arroya Crime Novel Series. A NASA security employee is suspected of a serious in-house crime, and nobody wants to believe it could happen within the walls of the nation's space program. Suspicians escalate as a division secretary becomes a person of high interest, too. How could something like this hap. . .

iUniverse - 2010-11-22

Chameleon - Feisty Rosa Arroya is a lead investigator for the New York Police Department. On "desk duty" after a gunshot wound to her leg leaves her temporarily in a wheelchair, Rosa resolves to forget about her troubled past. Yet Rosa cannot shake the memory of Jack Bucco, a hardened felon she was determined to bring down.Rosa hides a secret, a torturous and hopeless love for a man from her past. H. . .

iUniverse - 2008-12-01

Dragonfly - After authorities discover the theft of $500,000 worth of diamonds, New York private investigator Rosa Arroya is summoned to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to assist in the capture of diamond thief extraordinaire Jack "Gutsy" Bucco. She is ordered to work with Juan Perez of the International Police Special Crime Unit from Panama City who has tracked Bucco to the shores of San Juan.Perez is surpr. . .

iUniverse - 2006-01-01

Priority #1:Code Name Marty - Priority #1: Rosa Arroya. former NYPD investigator and founder of RAID, the Rosa Arroya International Detectives, and her agents have been asked to help the CIA solve a stalled cyberterrorist case. A ruthless criminal's attack program threatens to expose classified government data. Worse he has no compunction about killing anyone who gets in his way. As Rosa hones her plan with the CIA, she finds . . .

iUniverse - 2013-01-23

The Lighthouse Murder -  Rosa Arroya returns in this tragic murder case to assist her friend and FBI agent Barry 'Bud' Black in pursuing clues to put the puzzle together. The story was inspired by a true crime several yeas ago in Provincetown, MA. The reader will travel with the investigators from one moment to the next as this story unfolds. In the end, will the right person be arrested?

AuthorHouse - 2014-11-23