Sharon Healy-Yang

I’m a huge fan of films and books created during the 1930s-50s, with their blend of sharp wit, humor, and dark suspense. That passion inspired me to write, Bait and Switch, a mystery/romance set in 1943 and a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards, as well as my latest release, Letter from a Dead Man (both through TouchPoint Press). My novels feature a sharp, witty, imaginative female lead who’s ripe for a little romance, even if it is mixed in with espionage, deception, or murder. In the first novel, Jessica Minton is helped as well as hindered by her sharp-tongued sister Liz, an acerbic brother-in-in-law, her seemingly steady boyfriend, her wise-guy cat, and a mysterious stranger from England. In the second, Jess, Liz, and Dusty the cat are back for more adventure to solve the mystery behind stolen jade and murder. If you enjoy the strong female characters, humor, ingenious plotting, romance, and vivid recreation of eras past, I think this novel should be your cup of tea. CHECK OUT THE SNEAK PEEKS AT BAIT AND SWITCH AND LETTER FROM A DEAD MAN ON MY WEB SITE.

I also have a day job as a college professor in English. My favorite courses, some of which I developed, are: Romantic and Victorian Gothic; Shakespeare; Witchcraft in Medieval and Renaissance Literature; Screen and Page: Film and Literature; and Shakespeare and Film. I love exposing students to ideas (on the page or the screen) that they’ve never thought of before, as well as helping them see themselves in the work of artists new to them.


Bait and Switch, A Jessica Minton Mystery - Finalist in the 10th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, Mystery Category.  War-time blackouts and U-boats skulking along the Atlantic sea board brood over New York City late one August evening in 1943. Actress Jessica Minton dashes away from the added misery of play rehearsals gone sour into a familiar drug store, thinking the dinner counter her last refuge. It turns out to be anything . . .

Touchpoint Press - 2015-12-15